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Have You Ever Wondered

  • How can I experience new things?

  • Can I learn to make new friends?

  • How do I find the right job for me?

  • What will I need to learn to become independent?

Have you or a member of your family have considered these questions? Do you feel that the Supports you have received in the past haven’t worked?

We’re here to get you the Supports you need.

About CSN

Our Resource Selections Definintly Change Lives

Services for adults with Developmental Disabilities have changed a great deal over the years. For many, these choices have been either been limited in scope or non-existent. The program or individual supports never quite measured up to expectations leaving a son, daughter or family member to never quite live the life they so richly deserved.

The team at Community Supports Network understood those concerns. We’ve listened to what our Members and their families have said, and in doing so, have developed an outstanding reputation for carefully selecting individuals that we recognize will make a difference in the lives of our Members.

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We Interview 100's of Candidates Each Year

Each year we interview hundreds of candidates, selecting only the best and most compassionate. Our direct supports staff boasts backgrounds in Education, Social Services, Psychology, Counseling and Behavioral Sciences.


Our selection process has helped us to create one of North Jersey’s largest Network of Direct Service Providers.

Whether it’s preparing to drive, developing independent living skills, taking a trip to a concert or preparation for that dream job, we’re here to help.

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