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Our Heroes Have Stepped Up

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Our heroes are thrilled with what they have achieved.


Our March 2023 Hero

Our Chief Archivist Joel, says he loves his job, what he calls "the good factor".

Joel came to CSN in September of 2020.  Prior to that he worked as a full-time temp for an organization as a Clerk/Typist.  After nearly 14 years on the job, he was furloughed due to the COVID pandemic.  He never got recalled as his company no longer had a contract with the temp agency that provided him.  Joel had difficulty finding employment until someone told him about Community Supports Network.  CSN started Joel at 4 hours per week maintaining the offices and purchasing supplies, until we discovered he could do so much more.  Joel began scanning and archiving all our files and now works 16 hours a week as our Chief Archivist.

Joel states that he loves his job, and he especially enjoys what he calls “the good factor”, the ability to work in our corporate offices with our leadership team daily.  We are thrilled to have Joel as part of our team as he is hardworking and incredibly accurate, a skill set necessary for his position. 

In his free time Joel enjoys listening to music, watching baseball, and is interested in team scores and standings which he monitors daily. 

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